About Rev. Sandra Lydick

Rev. Sandra Lydick, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church is the founder (2006) and Executive Director of Crime Victims Council, a non-profit agency and outreach ministry of First United Methodist Church. Sandra has served as an Associate and Senior Pastor in United Methodist churches in the Central Texas Conference, and is endorsed by the United Methodist Endorsing Agency as a pastoral counselor and crime victim chaplain. She is also a Licensed Master Social Worker-Emeritus, and served as a social worker and chaplain for Early Childhood Intervention in Arlington.

Rev. Lydick is a member of the Clergy and Police Alliance Program (C.A.P.A.), a coalition of pastors who work in partnership with the police department to serve the citizens of Fort Worth. She is a participating member of Tarrant County Coalition of Crime Victim Services (TCCCVS), Tarrant County Council on Family Violence (TCCFV), Texas Victim Services Association (TVSA), and represents First United Methodist Church as a member of Mental Health Connection.

Sandra is an advocate for women and women in leadership having served as Co-Convener of the Women’s Caucus of the United Methodist Church, and editor of The Yellow Ribbon, national newsletter for the Women’s Caucus. She was a founding member and Co-Convener of the Women’s Leadership Team of the South Central Jurisdiction that supports women and minorities for the episcopacy.